Edible Cannabis: What Science Says About Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles

Edible Cannabis: What Science Says About Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles

Edible Cannabis: Whenever you talk to someone about the newest and most emerging fields in the economy, people tend to bring up the cannabis industry. Although the field isn’t completely legal throughout the United States, it’s on its way to becoming legal.

Considering the vast amount of job growth and sales dollars from the industry, politicians are starting to understand why it should’ve never been illegal in the first place. Not to mention the abundance of information that discredits any adverse claims about cannabis.

With the subject of adverse claims about cannabis in mind, pure and straightforward science tends to discredit virtually all negative information. In fact, most scientific studies paint the opposite picture and discuss pure positivity in the field. With or without science, the consumer claims and interaction with it should be enough to state the apparent benefits tied to the subject.

Of all of the products in the cannabis industry, cannabis edibles have quickly garnished tremendous popularity among consumers. They’re incredibly safe, tasty, and a quick and easy solution for cannabis needs. Plus, they’re available at every dispensary, and countless companies specialize in the cannabis edible market. With this subject in mind, let’s discuss what science says about cannabis edibles.

What is a Cannabis Edible?

For those who don’t know, a cannabis edible is precisely what it sounds like, edible food containing cannabinoids or THC in it. Depending on the state you live in, THC’s full-throttle is only legal in states that have full legalization. However, CBD edibles also offer an abundance of perks and various benefits. Either way, edibles are a trendy field for a multitude of reasons.

Like anything else, cannabis edibles come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, doses, and flavors. In fact, some high-level chefs actually specialize in the cannabis edible market. If you’re interested in diving into a full-blown professional dessert with cannabis, it’s certainly plausible. On the other hand, states that don’t have recreational marijuana legalized can buy CBD edibles. Although CBD doesn’t get consumers the high feeling attached to THC, it can still be very beneficial.

Cannabis Edibles

How Does a Cannabis Edible Work?

Similar to smoking or inhaling marijuana, cannabis edibles work a bit differently for every other person. However, the process is simpler and more straightforward compared to the traditional methods of using marijuana. Basically, people just need to find the right dose for them from a dispensary and ingest it. Whether it’s a baked good, gummy, or an actual drink, it should operate as a standard food or drink product would.

Once ingested, the edible operates through your digestive system. Unlike smoking, which can cause a variety of dosing ability due to someone’s own ability to smoke and inhale, the effects of edibles are a lot more potent. Depending on your size and tolerance for cannabis or CBD products, you’re going to want to find the right dose. Since every person is different, you definitely don’t want over or under medicate yourself with edibles.

If you want to go the CBD route, make sure you understand the CBD quality control of your edibles. The CBD quality control will highlight how the actual CBD is, it’s dose, and its effects to a degree. Like anything else, you’ll want to be educated on anything you take in this realm.

cbd quality control

Cannabis Edible Effects

Similar to using any other form of marijuana, edibles have a ton of effects and benefits. Effects include less stress, less anxiety, a relaxed state of mind, better sleep, and countless more. General physical effects include red eyes, heavy eyes, and overall sluggishness. However, depending on your dose, these effects might not be met at all.

If you’re a frequent cannabis user or someone who’s never used cannabis before, be sure to talk to the experts in the field. They’ll be able to discuss all of the various effects and which dosage will be best suited for you.

Are Cannabis Edibles Addictive?

Technically speaking, anything can be addictive. However, for something to be truly addictive, it needs to have serious negative consequences if you stop taking it. With this definition in mind, edibles aren’t addictive. Although some might disagree, the science behind the subject says otherwise, thus, making it a safe product for people to use.

Are Cannabis Edibles Safe?
With safety in mind, cannabis edibles are very safe. As long as you take the right dose for you, you won’t experience any negative consequences. If you take too many edibles or too high of a dose, that’s where it can become a bit too unsafe. Although the effects won’t be anything too severe, it’s just something to keep in mind. Just be mindful of what you’re taking and how your body will react.

cbd quality control


Now that we’ve discussed the general questions and science related to edibles, let’s talk about the scientific-based evidence of issues edibles directly help. Of all the issues edibles address, anxiety relief tends to be the number one benefit of edibles. Although this might not be a result of every single person, it’s undoubtedly the leading proponent. In general, cannabis promotes a relaxed state of mind, which, as a result, helps rid the body of any anxiety.

Other than anxiety, the relaxed state of mind helps people who deal with severe autism. Since autism can hinder a person’s ability to appropriately act and think, a bit of relaxation can go a great way for their own benefit.


Paranoia is a severe negative effect that can happen to a ton of people. Whether it’s a result of mental illness or from the return of war, paranoia is prevalent in a ton of people. Edibles can act as a way to rid paranoia and calm people down. Calmness is essential, and edibles can provide that.

Epilepsy is a disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures. Studies have shown the positive effects edibles have on people with epilepsy. It’s a significant reason why cannabis has become medically legal throughout a variety of states.

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