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Cannabis Consulting Agency

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Starting a new business venture is one of the most challenging pursuits a person can do. When discussing the cannabis world, a business can’t possibly thrive without a cannabis consulting agency.

These agencies help develop a team-mindset on how to properly make an individual’s cannabis company take off. If you’re interested in working with a cannabis consulting agency, look no further.

Down below, we’re going to discuss a variety of cannabis consulting agencies by going over what they offer, reputation, and overall benefits.

Although all of these companies are different from one another, they all offer something worth checking out. For that reason alone, they’re certainly worth exploring to see exactly what each of them provides compared to each other. Let’s get started!

Canna Design Council

For a pure brand development team, Canna Design Council is extraordinarily legit and is one of the best agencies in the field. The company prides itself on having a simple yet effective process that’ll meet the needs of every person that works with them. They combine strategic thinking, storytelling, and in-class design to create something unique and captivating to everyone who works with them.

Currently, they work with a never-ending list of cannabis clients interested in taking their overall business to the next level. Their primary clients include growers, dispensary owners, investors, and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Working with intense creativity, Canna Design Council has a clear and straightforward objective with everyone they work with.

cannabis consulting

Greenleaf HR

From a reputation standpoint, there are very few companies that have a reputation as Greenleaf HR. In fact, Greenleaf HR is the leading cannabis consulting agency in Central California. The company continues to thrive and help countless individuals in the field after rising through the ranks nearly over two decades ago.

Their primary function represents a need to simplify human resource management for their clients. Their clients themselves include anyone involved in the cannabis industry. Thus, making them one of the best all-around agencies to go with.


Outside of being one of the agencies, PurePressure is the number one solventless processing equipment provider and manufacturer. Plus, the company manufactures industry-leading rosin presses, hash washers, accessories, and much more. Being based in Denver, Colorado, the agency exudes all expectations related to this field.

All in all, they’re one of the best agencies to work with, considering the vast array of information and solutions they offer. After forming in 2015, the company prides itself on providing a solventless need required. No matter the size of the request, PurePressue is there to get it done for virtually every need.

cannabis edibles

Lightning Labels

Printing is one of the most needed fields in the world of cannabis, and that’s where Lightning Labels comes into play. The company uses incredible printing technology to provide clients with affordable, full-color custom labels and stickers of all shapes and sizes. No matter the order requirement from the business, Lightning Labels has the equipment necessary to get the job done.

Outside of what they offer, as you’d expect with their name, Lightning Labels offers incredibly fast turnaround time. Since labeling and printing are so important in this particular field, remember to check out Lightning Labels.

Emerald Elite Consulting

Emerald Elite Consulting is the company to check out for those searching for a cannabis cultivation specialist. Considering they have over 40 years of experience, it’s hard to ignore the incredible reputation they carry with them. Priding themselves on innovation, they guarantee clients a unique approach to every step of the way.

Other than what they offer, Emerald Elite Consulting is one of the most knowledgeable companies in the world. Their company prides itself on producing the cleanest and highest quality of cannabis as their primary passion. 40 years is no joke in the world of cannabis, thus, why they’re such a great company to check out in this subject alone.

cannabis consulting

Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

From a professional perspective, the Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is one of the purest professional groups out there. Their careers are prioritized on the science of preventing crime and increasing a pro-business mentality in this field. They offer various methods as a way to fully implement the goals sought-after. Whether you’re involved in cannabis edibles or anything in the area, they’re a great fit.

The company’s central vision includes creating a less-crime environment due to planning and hard work. No matter the company they work with, they guarantee to be by your side with an endless amount of advice and counsel on the subject. All in all, they’re a fantastic company that is undoubtedly worth checking out no matter what your needs are in the field.

Dolce Foglia LLC

Dolce Foglia LLC is a fantastic company that dedicates itself to a wholly-owned full-service flavoring house. The company prides itself on helping businesses create incredible products that’ll appeal to a wide range of demographics. The company understands the importance of having a broad target audience, thus making their appeal so durable.

Doce Foglia LLC is a business to business flavor producer that is interested in value creation. The company highlights what that means to the entrepreneur and the consumer itself. As far as originality and creation are concerned, Dolce Foglia LLC is one of the best options available in that particular need.

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Steep Hill

As far as research and testing go, Steep Hill is the world’s leading cannabis science and technology company. Some of the company’s key features include research, lab testing, development, licensing, genetics, and much more. Comparatively speaking, there isn’t another company that brings all of these elements to one cohesive unit.

Steep Hill envisions a goal of leading the best practices in cannabis testing. They provide excellent consulting services to a variety of clients all around the world. Priding itself as the leader in cannabis science, Steep Hill is a must-visit for anyone involved in this subject.


Be sure to check out each of these cannabis consulting agencies and see which one is best suited for your goals and needs. Although they all offer something unique, one might be better fitted for your purposes than others. No matter the field you’re involved in, whether it’s cannabis edibles or pure CBD oil, all of these agencies are worth checking out. Either way, be sure to check out all of them yourself and see which one best suits your cannabis endeavors.

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