Best Ways to Hide Cannabis

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Best Ways to Hide Cannabis

poison ringIn a world where cannabis and marijuana are becoming accepted in more and more states, most of the cannabis users don’t need to worry about finding ways to hide their stashes.

However, for others who live at home and want to keep their green usage down, there are a number of places to hide your stash. No matter whether you are hiding your cannabis stash from fellow stoners, bothersome roommates, or cops, you will find a method that works best for you.

Following are some of the best ways to hide cannabis:

Tea Bags
Tea bags are a good cannabis hiding place. However, this solution is only suitable for patient people because it requires a lot of effort beforehand. Buy prepacked herbal tea and empty some of the tea bags out. Make sure that they are not damaged. After that, grind cannabis buds and fill the empty tea bags with it. Try to fill the tea bags to the same amount as the actual tea so that they can blend in perfectly. Finally, use liquid glue to seal them and place them next to the original tea bags.

Faux Book
The ancient trick of hiding stuff in books works well for hiding cannabis edibles as well. Hollowed out books can be placed comfortably on a bookshelf among your favorite paperbacks and hardcovers. You can either buy a faux book for this purpose or with a little effort, make your own.

cannabis ediblesPringles Can
Pringles can is one of the most popular ways to hide cannabis, especially during travels. You can purchase premade fake cans in headshops but they can be quite costly. So, it is recommended that you make your own at home. Just take normal Pringles can and open its bottom via can opener. Next, find a glass jar with a metal sealer to fit the can and empty Pringles out to the glass jar’s height. After that, take thick cardboard, cut out a circle according to the radius of the Pringles and put it into the can. Now put your cannabis edibles into the glass jar and place the jar into the can’s bottle.


Solid Deodorant
Solid deodorant is another safe way to hide your cannabis stash. Just pull the deodorant out, put your stash at the empty tube’s bottom and put the deodorant stick back. An added benefit of hiding your stash this way is that you won’t have to worry about the smell as the deodorant will cover it up well.

poison ringPoison Ring
If you like jewelry and rings, then you will surely love this method of hiding your cannabis. A poison ring has a secret compartment for storing a few drops of liquid. You can use that compartment to hide your cannabis oil. In this way, you can wear the poison ring and take your dose with you virtually anywhere.

Even though more and more states are legalizing recreational cannabis, there are still reasons to hide your stash. If you need to keep your dose of cannabis away from sensitive noses and prying eyes, the above-listed methods will help you.

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